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Duncan & Rhiannon “have been more responsible, have more self-confidence and they are better about winning/losing.”


April 20, 2016  

I have noticed a number of positive changes since beginning class. Kyle has demonstrated increased respect for himself and others. In school his grades have improved leaps & bounds, most importantly he has a new level of self-confidence & self-worth. We couldn’t be more pleased. Thank you”


April 10, 2016  

i have been at this school for over 5 years and really enjoy learning new things every time I’m in class. whenever I get a postcard from an instructor telling me I did a great job at something it makes me feel good about myself.


May 11, 2013  

Since starting lessons nearly a year ago my boys self confidence has improved greatly with the push to do their best and praise for their efforts.. They love the classes. It’s not only a good outlet for their aggression and activeness, but good training in self control and discipline. My youngest has shown marked improvement in his ability to focus over the last year; something that doesn’t come easy for him. They have already put their skills to the test, such as falling properly to help avoid injury and sparring with friends studying various forms of martial arts and found their skills effective. If you’re looking for good self defense training and or good training for you’re kids, I highly recommend Eastgate kenpo.


April 29, 2013  

Me and my husband enjoy taking the adult classes. It is a good workout that isn’t stagnant or boring and at the same time we are learning defense skills for real life. Even as a beginner you get to work on more than just basic moves including using weapons (staff, stick and nun-chucks) and practicing grappling and sparing in class.


April 29, 2013  

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